1.5 – In the Dark Gardens of St. Sinister


St. Sinisters is your average medieval monastery. It has monks, it has knights, and, of course, it has monsters. Meet all three in In the Dark Gardens of St. Sinister!

Expect chills! Demand thrills! This supernatural thriller will leave your nerves twanging and your loins burning!

Download it here.

Next week: Portrait of the Artist as Another Man rounds out the first season of these hours of witch, with a chilling tale of dreams and identity in the ultra-hip modern art world. Download it on the 6th of December!

Recorded live at BATS theatre, Wellington, New Zealand on the 26th of October 2013.
Written and created by Uther Dean.
Starring Hannah Banks, Sam Hallahan, Paul Waggott, and Jonny Potts.
Recorded by Tane Upjohn-Beatson (who also composed the theme).
Supported with funding by Creative Communities from Creative New Zealand and the Wellington City Council.

Published by Uther Dean

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