TWHP: Freya and Uther Write Letters (Excerpt from ‘CITIZEN GEF’)


The Witching Hours presents Freya and Uther Write Letters (An Excerpt from Citizen Gef)
Written by Uther Dean and Freya Desmarais.
Performed by Freya Desmarais and Chris Swney.

Two lonely children write letters to the things haunting them.

Download it here.

Citizen Gef runs from the 4th to the 9th of February at BATS theatre as part of the 2014 Wellington Fringe Festival and is directed by Bronwyn Cheyne.

Series one may be complete but these little presentations are here to tide you over before the sinister sixteen episodes that make up the coming superb second series! Find out more about attending the live recordings here.

The Witching Hours was created by Uther Dean.
Produced by My Accomplice.
Supported with funding by Creative Communities from Creative New Zealand and the Wellington City Council.

Published by Uther Dean

I can be quite charming when I try.

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