The Witching Hours – Series One

cropped-witchinghourslogosml.pngThe entirety of first series of THE WITCHING HOURS is now available for download:

1.1 - The Flip of a CoinThere’s the first episode called The Flip of a Coin in which there are some odd-occurrences at the Ministry of Fate.

Pride and ToxoplasmosisThe second episode, Pride and Toxoplasmosis, brings the dark underbelly of the SPCA to light.

Men are from Phobos, Women are from DeimosThe third episode goes by the name of Men are from Phobos, Women are from Deimos and tells the story of a couple under the greatest pressure possible: deep space.

1.4 - Fun & GamesThe fourth episode is a bizarre little tale called Fun and Games set in a toy shop where nothing is as it seems.

STSINISTERSThe fifth episode is a thrilling yarn of knights, monsters and more. What is hiding around the corner In the Dark Gardens of St. Sinister?

PORTRAITThe sixth and final episode takes into the supernatural secrets of the art world. What will you see when you gaze upon the Portrait of the Artist as Another Man?

WitchingHoursS2But that will certainly not be all for these hours of witch! Bookings for the live recordings of series two are already open. Book now. If you dare.

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