TWHP: Panicdotes – Part One

  Getting up in the morning looks so easy. So why is it so hard? People asked us to make something for an anthology show about fear. This is what we came up with. Download it here. Series one may be complete but these little presentations are here to tide you over before the sinister sixteenContinue reading “TWHP: Panicdotes – Part One”

1.6 – Portrait of the Artist as Another Man

I don’t know art but I know what I dread. The final episode of series one, Portrait of the Artist as Another Man promises to answer every question you’ve ever had about modern art. As long as all of those questions are based around the supernatural, of course. Download it here. Series one may beContinue reading “1.6 – Portrait of the Artist as Another Man”

1.5 – In the Dark Gardens of St. Sinister

St. Sinisters is your average medieval monastery. It has monks, it has knights, and, of course, it has monsters. Meet all three in In the Dark Gardens of St. Sinister! Expect chills! Demand thrills! This supernatural thriller will leave your nerves twanging and your loins burning! Download it here. Next week: Portrait of the ArtistContinue reading “1.5 – In the Dark Gardens of St. Sinister”

1.4 – Fun and Games

In the fourth episode of series one of The Witching Hours, two different twisted little stories are weft into an intricate web of the weird. One, the seemingly simple story of one woman’s search for a present for her son. The other a mediation on what it is to be a spider. However could theyContinue reading “1.4 – Fun and Games”

1.3 – Men are from Phobos, Women are from Deimos

In this third episode of series one of The Witching Hours, the first manned (and womanned) mission to Mars sets the stage for the oldest and greatest struggle we know, the struggle between husband and wife. Do they survive? Do they make it to Mars? Will men ever learn when to say ‘Sorry’? Oh, andContinue reading “1.3 – Men are from Phobos, Women are from Deimos”

1.2 – Pride and Toxoplasmosis

In the second episode of series one, the dark underbelly of the SPCA is brought finally to light! Cats! Dogs! Humans! Bombs! If you guess the end of Pride and Toxoplasmosis in the first five minutes then we’ll eat our cats! Download it here. Next week: Deep in space, the couple destined to be the firstContinue reading “1.2 – Pride and Toxoplasmosis”

1.1 – The Flip of a Coin

In the first episode of series one, something funny is about to go down at the Ministry of Fate. Orphans! Gambling! Betrayal! With a shocking twist around every corner, The Flip of a Coin will have you questioning every decision you’ve ever made! Download it here. Next week: What lurks behind the scenes at yourContinue reading “1.1 – The Flip of a Coin”