2.2 – We Can Destroy It For You Wholesale

In the second episode of series two, a small document destruction company finds out that their latest job may have wider implications than just the shredding of paper. As things more than documents begin to be erased, the very threads that hold the whole of reality together begin to fray. Download it here. Next week: TheContinue reading “2.2 – We Can Destroy It For You Wholesale”

1.2 – Pride and Toxoplasmosis

In the second episode of series one, the dark underbelly of the SPCA is brought finally to light! Cats! Dogs! Humans! Bombs! If you guess the end of Pride and Toxoplasmosis in the first five minutes then we’ll eat our cats! Download it here. Next week: Deep in space, the couple destined to be the firstContinue reading “1.2 – Pride and Toxoplasmosis”

1.1 – The Flip of a Coin

In the first episode of series one, something funny is about to go down at the Ministry of Fate. Orphans! Gambling! Betrayal! With a shocking twist around every corner, The Flip of a Coin will have you questioning every decision you’ve ever made! Download it here. Next week: What lurks behind the scenes at yourContinue reading “1.1 – The Flip of a Coin”