2.6 – The Resurrectionists!

In the sixth episode of series two, two bumbling grave robbers make a big mistake one that may spell the end for all humanity. Grave-robbing is hardwork even before the dead start walking. Download it here. Next week: The Witching Hours takes a deep breath and dives beneath the waves to find Hamish Parkinson’s Sea Creature. Find it hereContinue reading “2.6 – The Resurrectionists!”

2.5 – Apple of my Eye

In the fifth episode of series two, two star-crossed internet lovebirds find out just how physical a virtual relationship can be. Who knew internet romance could be so… visceral? Download it here. Next week: The Witching Hours takes a deep dark dig into the unholy world of grave robbers in Uther Dean’s The Resurrectionists! Find it here onContinue reading “2.5 – Apple of my Eye”

2.4 – One is the Onlyist Number

The fourth episode of series 2 is a twisty time tale about what happens when you don’t listen to your own advice. One man, one time machine, one big mess. Download it here. Next week: The Witching Hours delves uncomfortably deep into the messy realities of internet dating in Alice May Connolly’s Apple of my Eye.Continue reading “2.4 – One is the Onlyist Number”

2.3 – Loki Bound

In the third episode of series two, we meet Loki and Sigyn, a trickster God and his wife bound together, tearing each other apart. With poison dripping down, the stakes raise and raise until something has to break. Download it here. Next week: The Witching Hours turn into a tale temporal twistiness as one man learns theContinue reading “2.3 – Loki Bound”

2.1 – Fire and Eyes

In the first episode of series two, tensions are brewing between the Dragon and Human races. Dragons! Diplomacy! Death! Fire and Eyes is a fiery slice of adventure pie! Download it here. Next week: As modernity marches on a small document destruction company finds out that there may be more to their latest job than meetsContinue reading “2.1 – Fire and Eyes”