What are the critics saying?


Nice things it turns out:

‘When Uther Dean becomes a (more) famous director, screenwriter, megamillions-making novel series author, Ray Bradbury, or whatever he goes on to do when people start giving him more money to do it with, I’ll be able to say, “Yep, I was at the live recording of one of the very first ever Witching Hours as the current incarnation was formerly known back in 2013.” Because his writing is really, really good.’ – Charlotte Simmonds, Theatreview

‘Describing the episodes even further would somewhat spoil the fun – suffice to say that on the basis of Friday’s show you can expect the recorded version of The Witching Hours to be funny and thrilling in equal measure; 6 sharply written and solidly performed slices of dark comedy. Just remember that in the true tradition of such things NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS and you’ll do fine.’ – Jarrod Baker, The Ruminator