Who are you?


My Accomplice is Hannah Banks, Uther Dean and Paul Waggott. They like theatre.

They started making theatre together in 2009 while they were completing their BA’s and being performers/makers in the acclaimed Chapman Tripp winning STAB 2009 show DEATH AND THE DREAMLIFE OF ELEPHANTS. The three have been involved in numerous shows as well as having worked with some of Wellington’s most exciting young theatre makers.

The artistic goal of My Accomplice is to make work about the things that interest us, using forms that entertain us. We are making the theatre we want to go to.We don’t feel a need for genre because life does not have a fixed genre and neither should art. We want to define the barriers between people and we want to create works where everyone involved owns a piece of that work.

My Accomplice is more than ready to stab you with knives of joy in your theatre eyes.

Their 2013 Fringe Show A PLAY ABOUT SPACE won Best Theatre at the Dunedin Fringe and Best Design at the Wellington Fringe.

THE WITCHING HOURS is their first podcast.

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Or get in touch by emailing us at myaccomplicetheatre(at)gmail(dot)com.